business lines.

Business Lines

We focus our expertise in several application areas or business areas. These are Embassy, Banking, Retail, Prison, Office of Public, Area and Perimeter and Transport & Logistics. In addition we offer the best service and aftersale service.

We do not offer all possible security solutions available on the market, but the products and solutions we offer, we have a longstanding expertise and focus within.

Business area Embassy
The business area Embassy offers a range of innovative solutions to help embassies to improve their safety, protect their assets and manage their immunity.

Business area Bank
The business area Bank offers a range of innovative solutions to help banks improve their customer care and future image, protect their assets and manage their security.

Business area Retail
The business area Retail is working closely with retailers within the whole of Europe to provide solutions and store security, which not only protects buildings and people in them but also improves efficiency across individual consumers.

Business area Prison
The business area Prison uses the latest technology within scrambling telephone activation and intelligent monitoring to create the highest quality inside, individually secure areas, cells, structures guaranteeing security in the office, cell and reception area.

Business area Office
The business area Office offers a range of intellectual solutions that protect against parking areas, reception areas, stocks and vital values, regardless of size and location.

Business area Public
The business area Public works closely with authorities around the world and offers a range of intellectual solutions to remedy and safeguard dangerous intersections, bus lanes, school, roads, railways, ghost drivers, etc. that protect the individual and simultaneously ensures the daily operation and efficiency.

Business area Transport and Logistics
The business area Transport and Logistics offers the best protection within logistical transportation structures and transport equipment. With our technological expertise and continuous development of products and solutions we offer a comprehensive security package which ensures reliability, flexibility and the highest quality in the market.

Service and aftersales service ensures customer satisfaction, create lasting partnerships with our customers built on trust, delivery and commitments to quality.