SECURINESS CatsClaw Mobile


CatsClaw kan bruges permanent for beskyttelse af bygninger eller områder, midlertidigt i forbindelse med checkpoints eller uroligheder og sidst men ikke mindst i en specialudgave udviklet til militæret. Synligheden alene af CatsClaw virker præventivt og ydeevnen, holdbarheden, pålideligheden og den operationelle levetid viser sig at være værdifulde for alle organisationer og brugere.



SECURINESS CatsClaw Mobile PERFORMANCE The performance of CATSCLAW products is second to none. World class design and engineering make our systems the most reliable, effective product on the market.

Can be deployed from a car trunk across an entire highway in under 2 minutes. Stops all forms of vehicles from trucks to motor bikes.

Have minimal maintenance requirements. Long operational life (CATSCLAW units over 10 years old are still in use today).

All tires are destroyed immediately; the safest way to stop a hostile vehicle. Standard system covers a 16 foot span (5 meters).

Extra pads

Extra pads added to span over 65 feet (20 meters) (40 pads either side of MDU). Can be operated using land line or remote control.

Can be operated from over 260 feet (80 meters) using the secure signal remote unit.

Can be laid on adverse camber due to modular design and male / female connecting components.

‘Friendly’ vehicles can travel over the ‘sleeping’ CATSCLAW, but when activated by remote or radio control, all tires of the hostile vehicle will be destroyed and the vehicle will stop in a straight line.

After use, the blades are lowered again to allow traffic to flow. ACCESSORIES Warning Signage: Available in portable ‘A-Frame’ format and freestanding road sign.

Spare blades


Spare blades: Blades can be replaced easily when the need arises using 2 stainless steel M4 screws.

Spare MDU. Spare Pads – one MDU can activate up to 65 feet (20 meters) of pads. Remote control unit.



TECHNICAL DATA Pads: Height: 3 inches. Width: 10 inches. Length: 16 inches. Blade Pitch: 2 1/2 inches (Blade to Blade). Materials: Blade shaft: Stainless Steel. Male & Female couplings: Stainless Steel. Outer made from 1st use 80 sure hardness high grade rubber. Pads can be made in any color using a full depth mix. Blade carriers: Case hardened, flashed and Chromes steel. Blades located to blade carrier using two M4 stainless steel screws in multiple teeth mesh. Blades: Made from case hardened, flashed and chromed steel. Height: 2 inches. MDU: Height: 7 inches. – Width: 10 inches. – Length: 25 inches