The Embassy sector is an area under constant development and an area which continues to experience a significantly larger and more challenging threat than ever before.

There is very close ties between government security divisions in each country who constantly look to each other for topical information and knowledge sharing. With our extensive expertise this enables us to trade across these borders.

With the continuing risks associated with the change because of changing activity and threat levels, this sector has been the driving force in the shaping of measures to mitigate those risks, not only in their own environment, but for setting standards for others. SECURINESS has worked with several international organizations in the governments of supporting equipment and solutions for the certification levels to meet these demands.

We are able to provide a seamless process from initial assessment of site, architectural definition, collaboration with consulting engineers and cost consultants, project management and installation to ensure a professional relationship throughout.

Each region and locality has its challenges and with our extensive product range of intellectual and integrated total security solutions, we are well equipped to deal with such issues globally. This includes measures in the area of security, entry & access control solutions, intelligent security and decidedly terrorist security.

To ensure that the sites function properly and as intended, the security measures cause trust the people operating them and protected them. We are the partner that can and will supply it.

If your specific area is not to find here, please contact us directly via info@securiness.com – we certainly have the expertise already.

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