With an increase in the number of stores feet’s, cash handling and increasing inventories in each store, retailers have experienced a life with significantly higher losses than previously. Demand for security is becoming more acute with more money in circulation, increased inventory, more staff, more and more customers and greater risk of robbery.

SECURINESS delivers a variety of solutions as part of our concept for increased store safety. One of the foremost solutions is our intelligent monitoring system – a unique system which ensures that any cash transaction, which differs from the “normal” returns an automated message and thus transaction subsequently reviewed.

With an integrated, holistic solution comprising IOV, product security systems, secure entrances and exits, can create a safer, more efficient and profitable retail environment.

To ensure that the sites function properly and as intended, the security measures cause trust the people operating them and protected them. We are the partner that can and will supply it.

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SECURINESS – we are always ahead, we call it Tomorrow’s SECURITY-thinking.